Lecture Medical Physics 2

Lecture: Medical Physics 2: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

Tuesday (16:15–17:45 h) and Thursday (16:15–17:45 h)

Hörsaalgebäude Physik, Im Neuenheimer Feld 308, Hörsaal 2 (kleiner Hörsaal)


List of Topics (subject to changes)

Credit points

To receive 6 credit points, passing an oral examination via Zoom.us is required.

You will need a camera and a sheet of paper, where you write down the formulas to be shown via camera (after writing down an equation, you can just hold the paper up toward a Laptop camera).
The examinations will be conducted in German or English (if requested).
It will be possible to choose between receiving 6 credit points with or without grade (wahlweise benotet / unbenotet).
Timeslots for examinations will be 30 min. Format: Question and answer session.
If using Zoom.us is not possible for you, contact us for in person examinations.

Please have your Student ID card within reach (Studentenausweis / Matrikelnummer).

Please register for the examination until 19.07.2024:


After registration, you should receive an automated confirmation email. If you haven't received a confirmation, please contact us to check the registration.

Folder for slides, lecture notes:


The required password will be shown during the lecture.

We recommend that you write your own notes during the lecture since copying from the blackboard to paper is known to improve understanding / remembering of the subjects addressed. The lecture notes will be made available at some point, not necessarily immediately after each lecture and may be incomplete.





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