Lecture Medical Physics 2

Lecture: Medical Physics 2: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

The lecture will be again offered in the summer term 2022 (Winter term: Medical Physics 1)

Tuesday (16:15–17:45) and Thursday (16:15–17:45)



List of Topics (subject to changes)




  • Wolfgang Schlegel, Christian P. Karger, Oliver Jäkel (Herausgeber): Medizinische Physik : Grundlagen – Bildgebung – Therapie – Technik (2018)


  • A. Abragam: The principles of Nuclear Magnetism (1961)

  • M. T. Vlaardingerbroek: Magnetresonanzbildgebung: Theorie und Praxis. (2003) English version: "Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Theory and Practice."

  • R. Buxton: Introduction to functional magnetic resonance imaging (2002)

  • R. A. De Graaf: In vivo NMR spectroscopy (2007)

  • C.P. Slichter: Principles of magnetic resonance (1996)

  • M.H. Levitt: Spin Dynamics (2007)



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