Seminar Methods of Physics in Biology and Medicine

Seminar: Methods of Physics in Biology and Medicine

Sommersemester 2023

Tuesday, 18:00 (c.t.) – 19:45 h

(Starting time moved to c.t., i.e. 18:15)

(This seminar is offered every summer and winter semester.)

On 18.04.2023, there will be a meeting to discuss general questions (Vorbesprechung), no talk on this date.

This seminar will be offered in hybrid mode.

You can participate either in person in INF 223, Room number F.01.088 (first floor, please note the change compared to LSF!) or online via Zoom. The seminar will be transmitted via a room video conferencing system.

Access to the seminar room: Due to a construction site, access to the main entrance is not obvious: Please refer to the following map:

Coming from the west (point A), walk along the northern side of the building in east direction to the construction site (blue line on the map), pass on a foot path below a small construction-related temporary roof, go up the stairs to the main entrance. In the main entrance hall, go the white staircase up to the first floor. You will be directly in front of the seminar room (see red markers on the map).

Zoom access:

Meeting-ID: 880 5293 6406

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Topic of talk



Vorbesprechung Planning seminar


Nikhilesh Murty (23)

Lovish Gulati (40)


Stimulated emission depletion microscopy (STED)  

Laser ion / proton acceleration



Lucas Oswald(3)

Maximilian Stucke (28)


Physics of nuclear spin systems / Nuclear magnetism

Simulations of hyperthermia therapy



Mia Aileen Sittinger (18)

Nour Jamal Mahmoud Alfakhori (44)


Positron emission tomography (PET)


MR–guided radiotherapy (MR–Linac / MR–cobalt therapy)



Mari Sarenia Veerappan Karunakaran (42)

Shreeya Barai (19)



PET hybrid devices (PET/CT, MR/PET)



Maria Fernanda Macedo Jimenez (46)

Aftab Ahmed Ansari (2)


Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)


Magnetoencephalography (MEG)


Ferisya Kusuma Sari (17)

Jose Maria Joseph Rajasekaran(41)

Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)

Radionuclide therapy



Buhar Bacho (20)

Jan-Philipp Schmitz (5)


Fluorescence imaging and immunofluorescence

Fast MRI / Echo–planar imaging (EPI) / Advanced k–space–readout techniques


Laura Rozo (9)

Rakshana Murugan (31)


Functional MRI (fMRI) for measuring brain activation

Interaction of ionizing radiation with matter


María Plana Herranz

Divya Dileep (21)

Study of Scattering Dose in Monte Carlo Radiolysis Simulations with TOPAS

Bioluminescence imaging



Shixi Feng(32)

Adithyaraman Kalyanaraman (48)

Radiobiology (effects of ionizing radiation on biological systems / cells)

Photoacoustic imaging



Maximilian Hammermann (35)

Nidhi Panchal (14)


Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)


In vivo NMR spectroscopy (MRS)


Helene Ida Kramer (43)

Fabrizio Klassen (37)



Volumetric arc therapy (VMAT), Rapid Arc, Tomotherapy


Mrunal Katkar (33)

Clara Schaefer (27)


Radiation chemistry and radiation bio–chemistry

Hyperthermic therapy



Jannis Wirtz (16)

Zhilin Chen (22)


Chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST)

Phase contrast microscopy

Waiting list


1. Ömer Nuhoglu (39)

2. Patrick Kudis

 Radiotherapy with heavy ions (subject already reserved)


To receive 6 credit points: talk, written report and regular attendance are required.

  • duration of talk: 40 min + 5 min questions (in case there is only one talk on the specific date, talks are allowed to be longer, if desired.)
  • computer with microphone needed, the presenting person will be required to share the screen with the slides to be shown
  • written report: overview of the presented topic, maximum 10 pages, to be handed in until 01. October 2023 (Please submit your report, the slides of your talk and your matriculation number [Matrikel-Nr.])

Prof. Peter Bachert (, Prof. Joao Seco (, PD Dr. Tristan Kuder (


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