Seminar Methods of Physics in Biology and Medicine

Seminar: Methods of Physics in Biology and Medicine

Sommersemester 2023

Tuesday, 18:00 (c.t.) – 19:45 h

(Starting time moved to c.t., i.e. 18:15)

(This seminar is offered every summer and winter semester. Information on the seminar in the Winter Semester 2023/24)

To receive 6 credit points: talk, written report and regular attendance are required.

  • duration of talk: 40 min + 5 min questions (in case there is only one talk on the specific date, talks are allowed to be longer, if desired.)
  • computer with microphone needed, the presenting person will be required to share the screen with the slides to be shown
  • written report: overview of the presented topic, maximum 10 pages, to be handed in until 01. October 2023 (Please submit your report, the slides of your talk and your matriculation number [Matrikel-Nr.])

Prof. Peter Bachert (, Prof. Joao Seco (, PD Dr. Tristan Kuder (


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